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Bridging the divide between Art & Function

Our goal is to redefine the traditional consumer electronic market, by creating artifacts of limited edition that are inspired by carious creative forces. We want to not only elevate personal esthetics but to also enhance our daily lives through function.

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The Marble Wireless Charger. Only 25 of them exist in the world. Individually numbered and signed by CYNC Design and @servicedby_e, each is a unique piece of art from the marble grain to the packaging itself. Each box was laid out as a giant canvas and painted on by @servicesby_e in an artwork inspired by our Cuban Lynk design.

iPhone users will receive a CYNC phone case and a receiving pad so they can charge wirelessly. All other electronic products with wireless charging functionality will be able to utilize the Marble Centerpiece.





Our Cuban Lynk Bracelet is inspired by the particular style of necklace so called the Cuban Link. We want to draw the resemblance of the jewelry feel and make sure that our design comes first for our bracelets. The bracelet is a fashion accessory that you can wear on the daily and able to look good with any outfit you have on. The iphone syncing cable is just an added bonus.